You know what goes well with a sandwich? Less humans.

I have some time to spare, so this is a quick post.  Today, I was hungry and decided that I would head over to Subway.  During my year-and-a-half in Blacksurg, I  had never been to that fine chain establishment. Not that it quite mattered, but I found myself at the University City Boulevard location.  I went in, expecting to orate my order to one of the employees.Personally, I loathe this because I just want a damn sandwich, preferably without a “funny” name. What did I see when I walked in but three podiums that looked like a combination of an ATM and those dais (sorta?) from The Weakest Link.  On it, you touch your order and choose what you would like. The best part is the toppings. Instead of just picking the graphic you hit it and it gives you options. The option, from left-to-right are “less” regular” and “more”. Why yes, I would like Less pickles! This has made my day, I can eat less pickles. After this, you get a ticket to take to the cashier, where you pay. Yes! It’s the return of the deli number system, as made famous by thousands of”your mom” jokes! Then you wait. When you hear “Number 26!”,  you can get your sub, some Sun Chips and your 24 oz Coke and book it. Thank you, Subway, for limiting human interaction.


~ by mrflash on February 9, 2008.

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