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Throughout the course of this rarely visited blog, I’ve had the pleasure of changing its theme over and over again. This does not make for a consistent, readable product. Dammit, I’m going to live up to the tagline. This WILL be a “narrative of life in Blacksburg”, and mostly the football. Blacksburg is a university football town, and I feel the need to make that point.

More regular updates, more opinions, and absolutely shallow analysis. I am not an analyst of the sporting type, I just know when something is horrible. Take for instance, the performance of projected starting kicker Jud Dunlevy (hokiesports.com).  He missed every single kick. Not just the long tries from 52 and 58, but also what would seem like gimmes at 28 and 29 yards. To his credit, though, Duane Brown blocked the attempt from 28. That’s not enough for a team that prides itself on spectacular special teams. Then again, the special teams last year lacked that special pop, but the defense was something nice. Let’s hope that Dunlevy gets his shit together for the last fall practice.  Kickoff is in 13 days, and with that, a preview for the whole season is needed. Keep your eyes open. Completely.


How to have your post about a number 1 song stand out.

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Many of you are probably familiar with the song “arty Like a Rockstar”, the infectious hit which begs you to well, Party Like a Rockstar. While I could go on with the inaccuracies with the song, I’d like to point you in another direction.
I have a blog about other stuff, called
Just Bought a Car. I did a music-related post, about “Rockstar”. It’s not flattering, to say the least. I moderate comments (to keep out the spam, haha) and this one came up:

I can only laugh.

“Yeah I sell out arenas”

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Commercialism is supposed to be the bane of the artist in the music industry despite major label artists taking in all that cash and spending it. When they do that, though, the public expects them to do it for the music-for the music, man. What am I getting at?

Selling out is no longer an act in which you violate your roots (sounds dirty) by taking the money instead of lopving your art, but you know, securing your bank account despite being on a sponsored tour. I say this because of two TRL -friendly acts (one with talent, one that needs to be punched) and a couple recent things. One of the acts, T.I., was recently on, well, TRL , of all places, promoting his new album, “T.I. v s T.I.P”. During the course of the interview, the host asked Cliff what he thought about being considered a “Sell Out” by fans due to his endorsements with brands like Chevy. T.I. responded by talking about how he would “sell out” on the streets and such. The host dropped the old “some people say ‘I sell out arenas’” line. Unless you’re the Kidz in the Hall or the like, I don’t see how you can consider a major label artist a sell out. T.I. constantly raps about how much money he has (Ok, not that much, he’s not a ‘bling’ rapper, he’s the HOVA of the South, et cetera) and doesn’t hide it. he can’t be considered a sell out, but maybe someone should look into head case, with his new album’s idea, though it might be good. Rappers getting money is nothing new, hell, 50 Cent is in no damn way gonna have good sales for Curtis, which has been pushed back to September. But he is gonna make hella cash thanks to his stake in (delicious) vitaminwater, after Coke bought its parent company, Glaceau. Is 50 selling out? No, he’s just getting money no one wants to give him anymore. (Obligatory Die Tryin’ joke).

On the flip side is the Ultimate Foe of Our Musical Existence (UFOME), Fall Out Boy. PT WNTZ and the guys from the UFOME have a new video for their single “The Take Over, The Break’s over”. It’s sponsored by HONDA THE OFFICIAL SPONSOR OF THE HONDA CIVIC TOUR FEATURING FALL OUT BOY COBRA STARSHIP THE ACADEMY IS … PAUL WALL AND HOSTED BY DIRTY and has a message in the otherwise pretty bland video. Fans (real ones!) come up to a dog with signs reading “FOB ARE $ellout$” and such shit. The dog, being the moral high ground, asks them to understand that they’ve changed. Where do I begin? UFOME are in no ways indie, they take their moniez and go, writing superfluous song titles all for kids who are too damn lazy to turn off the radio and do some work on the internet. Or hell, go to a record store that doesn’t also specialize in laptops that run Windows Vistas and refrigerators. Calling UFOME sell outs? How non-original.

Selling out is no longer a valid criticism. When all else fails, the band just sucks.

Damn you Lily Allen.

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I’m very late on this, by a year or so, but it came up last night on Subterranean. Out of nowhere, Lily Allen was on and it was song that I don’t believe I had heard before. Allen doesn’t strike me as someone I havetoknow, but rather someone that they’re hyping for no reason. “LDN” came on, and she made me like it, damn it, because of the way she said “I believe that’s called al fresco”.

Damn you Lily Allen.

In other news involving the “washed-up” tag

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Want to get great ratings for your shows in the summer? One route to take is to make low-production programming that’s easy to pick up on-thus the glut of reality game shows. The other? Copy it.

NBC has been running promos for a show entitled “The Singing Bee” which has a fairly simple premise. Take some contestants-they’re always screened, the crazier the better!-who like to sing and ask them to just recite the lyrics along with music until BOOM a capella and you have to finish it. It’s hosted by everyone’s favorite member of *NSYNC (outside of Chris Kirkpatrick, obviously), Joey Fatone. Alright, then, starts July 10th, looks interesting enough. Then, there’s the FOX network.

FOX is known for many things in its network TV programming, mainly fictional characters with superhuman powers who aren’t superheroes, cookie-cutter dysfunctional families in the vein of the Bundys and Simpsons, and a long, drawn out “talent” competition that I could care less about. Also, they copied WifeSwap and Supernanny. ABC , as much as FOX might love them-imitation and flattery and what not, has lost out this summer. FOX has a show that sounds EERILY SIMILAR to The Singing Bee, called “Don’t forget the lyrics”. The idea? Well, FOX has apparently dumbed down their titles (perhaps taking a cue from FOX ’News’Channel’s inability to write “with”) by telling you what’s going to happen before you tune in, like “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?”, by asking people to NOT FORGET THE LYRICS . Hosting will be the man who loves to choke a bitch, Wayne Brady. The show premieres on the 11th, and one wonders what show will be better. So far, The Singing Bee has a more realistic promo featuring contestants singing Vanilla Ice, Smash Mouth, and Aretha Franklin. While Aretha’s a nice touch, the others aren’t exactly Clipse and Pixies, it looks fine. Don’t Forget the Lyrics’ website has Journey as a hint of things to come. I think the shows will be based out of access to song libraries, but what do I know?

I know that I’m tired of Journey, and it’s time to Stop Believin(g).

Note to Facebook users

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For those of you who really like this (ok, it’s Mat and zero other people), I’m going to be adding some music stuff from my other blog,watchbatteries. JBAC is an all-purpose blog, so it can have anything and everything. As such, I’m going to mark them so you know. Go to both!Also, FB users, go to justboughtacar.wordpress.com to read the comment process.

Watch Batteries:Trashcan needs washing.

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At one point in time, I owned a Linkin Park album. Was it a smart move? I don’t know, because you don’t ask a twelve-year-old for what a “smart move” is, unless they happen to have Heelys. I think. When you’re 12, you can identify with a song that says “I’m one step closer to the edge! And I’m about to break!” YEAH! Being a kid in middle school with depression, that shit spoke to me. Then they waited, released an album, added a piano, I didn’t care as much. You would think that after Mike Shinoda goes and does Fort Minor (complete with the everyfuckingwhere “Where’d Ya Go?” and part arena jam, part math lesson “Remember the Name”), Mr Hahn does videos, Chester does whatever the hell he does, and they all work with THE GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE, that they would grow.

I guess I’ll never learn. What do they do? They revert to their old ways, with paint-by-numbers alternative rock that makes 30 Seconds to Mars sound genius (which is really really really really hard to do). Their first single, “What I’ve Done” is a drone fest (not a good one) that is accompanied by an over-saturated video chock full of hit ’em right in the sensory fest visuals. Mmmm, easy way out! The worst part about this is the decision to use it as the first single. Where’s the rapper? You guys have a rapper, right? Like, he had his own project? Could you get Jay-Z on the hook, at least? A sample? No, no, no you’re out of luck. Instead, they just let a guy named Chester (fucking lame) scream for three mintues and the kids EAT IT UP YUMMY GOOD. For their second single, however, they get a little smarter and let Mike talk. He likes talking because he makes sense and gets to shout “anti-emo” (I guess) raps about putting this noose somewhere else. Possibly on top of a roof! While the intro is simple, the chorus is less complicated than breathing. Using what I can only describe as “anti-emo” stylizing, Chester (Cheesy!) tells us that he’s gonna “bleed it out, just to throw it away”. I have no idea what he’s bleeding out, or why he has to throw it away. He needs a therapist, or better yet, to stop making records. The sound is bland, the lyrics make fourth grade poetry sound awesome (wait, I wrote a really great acrostic then, and I used a dictionary), and people still buy it. Here’s hoping Jack and Meg have people wanting to rawk.