Be like us.

No one in this Town likes the athletic director. This is hyperbole and this is truth. It is not a study in contrasts but rather a blaring look at the truth. He has not inspired us to win on the field anymore than our future Hall of Fame coach. The Athletic Director has caused nothing but protest and rejection in the form of the student body.

Sure, we could be protesting on something else, but that’s too divisive. So, we’re rallying around the actions of someone who pleases no one whatsoever. He is worried that we’re doing something to gross and vulgar for a collegiate atmosphere. Wait, wait, wait, did the Athletic Director even go to college?

It appears he did, going to Penn State. The Athletic Director (heretofore referred to as TAD) wants to put in a “Penn State” mentality for the school? Why the hell would you want to do that?  Virginia Tech does not need to copy the styles and ideas of another University.  Stick It In was all we had, and now that’s gone and we have “We Are Virginia Tech”? That’s too many damn syllables. I digress.

TAD needs to go and do something within the school beyond being a man who fills out schedules and ends cheers because he’s a prude.  Beamer, TAD, Greenberg, all of those that are in the athletic department need to exist as more than  figureheads who can take out the time to do an occasional commercial for extra (and possibly unneeded) money. Our coaches, TAD and the like need to prove they’re human. Exist within the student community-get a damn sandwich at West End with the Defensive Backfield. Have TAD just stop in and audit a 1000 level lecture class.  Prove your existence, let us see your insecurities. We are all adults at this university, and our administration should not act as our parents. We might be young, but we’re not stupid.  Show us that side of you.


~ by mrflash on September 21, 2007.

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