This is a comment, then.

Emerging from the loss Saturday in Baton Rouge was not just the rebirth of my prose, but a complete change for the Virginia Tech offense. As expected, Hampton High (757, VA) product Tyrod Taylor was named the <a href=””>starting quarterback</a> for the game against Ohio.  Frank Solich and the visiting Bobcats (high school mascots ftl) went to a bowl last season, but should prove to be a great setting for T. Train-as the kids are calling him-to showcase his skills.

As anyone who has watched Virginia Tech football in the last decade knows, a mobile quarterback is key to running the offense. Even the most unheralded guy, Williamsburg’s Bryan Randall, had some mobility to go with his under-appreciated passing ability. When asked to comment on the matter, the man with a sandwich named after him on campus said “This is not a reflection on Sean”.  Of course it’s not, that would defeat team morale. Remember, NONE of us is as good as ALL of us, and that’s how we’re going to win the Atlantic Coast Conference. We have to face the facts: Glennon was boring and made us cringe every time he touched the damn ball. As soon as we were on offense, we thought “Dammit, I hope Eddie catches it” or “C’mon Branden”, something to that effect. Of course we loved all the wins last season, including the great Thursday night victory over Clemson.

But we wanted change, someone more something, more exciting.  Saturday night, we got Tyrod.  Saturday is 5 days away, and we’ll see what we get. I will be there, in person.  The atmosphere will be electric as always, but even more so. Saturday is rebirth.


~ by mrflash on September 10, 2007.

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