“At Least We’re Not Michigan”.

The above quote has passed my presence at least twice in the last three hours, once at the place where I watched the Tech-LSU game and another on a friend’s away message. It is that we can take from this week’s game, one of the toughest Virginia Tech has ever been in. LSU’s defense is for real, and the the Bayou Bengals deserve their number two ranking. Talk before the game was of a slow, grinding defensive battle. Matt Flynn, Jacob Hester, and Brandon LaFell went right through the vaunted Tech D and put up just short of 50 points.  The Hokies looked out of bright spots in most of the first half.

Frank Beamer then decided to the unthinkable: start a true freshman.  Highly touted prospect Tyrod Taylor came in and took over. At that point, everyone I was watching the game with cheered. What <i>we</i> saw was a star in the making, making a vast improvement over Sean Glennon. No one liked Glennon, it seemed, from the first time he took a snap for Tech. Maybe it was the play last year of Tim Tebow and Matt Stafford last year that convinced Frank to play “T-Mobile”.  We students didn’t care for the reasoning, we just liked it. Tyrod’s first play was a handoff to tailback Branden Ore, and we cheered for him getting positive yardage.  Tyrod threw an incomplete pass, he made some passes, and he did this other thing.

The Hampton alum scrambled.  When feeling pressure from the defense, he took the ball into his hands and ran with it. He didn’t simply run for a yard or two, no, he ran for first downs.  In a blowout, he gave us hope. A true freshman, in one of the loudest stadiums in the country, against a top 5 team, showed poise.  Are we pissed we lost? Yes. Are we pissed that we didn’t score more? Yes. Are we still mad at the O-Line? Yes.  Are we still going to support our team, no matter the outcome?

Yes, because at least we’re not Michigan.


~ by mrflash on September 9, 2007.

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