hiatus over.

Throughout the course of this rarely visited blog, I’ve had the pleasure of changing its theme over and over again. This does not make for a consistent, readable product. Dammit, I’m going to live up to the tagline. This WILL be a “narrative of life in Blacksburg”, and mostly the football. Blacksburg is a university football town, and I feel the need to make that point.

More regular updates, more opinions, and absolutely shallow analysis. I am not an analyst of the sporting type, I just know when something is horrible. Take for instance, the performance of projected starting kicker Jud Dunlevy (hokiesports.com).  He missed every single kick. Not just the long tries from 52 and 58, but also what would seem like gimmes at 28 and 29 yards. To his credit, though, Duane Brown blocked the attempt from 28. That’s not enough for a team that prides itself on spectacular special teams. Then again, the special teams last year lacked that special pop, but the defense was something nice. Let’s hope that Dunlevy gets his shit together for the last fall practice.  Kickoff is in 13 days, and with that, a preview for the whole season is needed. Keep your eyes open. Completely.


~ by mrflash on August 19, 2007.

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