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Want to get great ratings for your shows in the summer? One route to take is to make low-production programming that’s easy to pick up on-thus the glut of reality game shows. The other? Copy it.

NBC has been running promos for a show entitled “The Singing Bee” which has a fairly simple premise. Take some contestants-they’re always screened, the crazier the better!-who like to sing and ask them to just recite the lyrics along with music until BOOM a capella and you have to finish it. It’s hosted by everyone’s favorite member of *NSYNC (outside of Chris Kirkpatrick, obviously), Joey Fatone. Alright, then, starts July 10th, looks interesting enough. Then, there’s the FOX network.

FOX is known for many things in its network TV programming, mainly fictional characters with superhuman powers who aren’t superheroes, cookie-cutter dysfunctional families in the vein of the Bundys and Simpsons, and a long, drawn out “talent” competition that I could care less about. Also, they copied WifeSwap and Supernanny. ABC , as much as FOX might love them-imitation and flattery and what not, has lost out this summer. FOX has a show that sounds EERILY SIMILAR to The Singing Bee, called “Don’t forget the lyrics”. The idea? Well, FOX has apparently dumbed down their titles (perhaps taking a cue from FOX ’News’Channel’s inability to write “with”) by telling you what’s going to happen before you tune in, like “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?”, by asking people to NOT FORGET THE LYRICS . Hosting will be the man who loves to choke a bitch, Wayne Brady. The show premieres on the 11th, and one wonders what show will be better. So far, The Singing Bee has a more realistic promo featuring contestants singing Vanilla Ice, Smash Mouth, and Aretha Franklin. While Aretha’s a nice touch, the others aren’t exactly Clipse and Pixies, it looks fine. Don’t Forget the Lyrics’ website has Journey as a hint of things to come. I think the shows will be based out of access to song libraries, but what do I know?

I know that I’m tired of Journey, and it’s time to Stop Believin(g).


~ by mrflash on June 26, 2007.

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