“Yeah I sell out arenas”

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Commercialism is supposed to be the bane of the artist in the music industry despite major label artists taking in all that cash and spending it. When they do that, though, the public expects them to do it for the music-for the music, man. What am I getting at?

Selling out is no longer an act in which you violate your roots (sounds dirty) by taking the money instead of lopving your art, but you know, securing your bank account despite being on a sponsored tour. I say this because of two TRL -friendly acts (one with talent, one that needs to be punched) and a couple recent things. One of the acts, T.I., was recently on, well, TRL , of all places, promoting his new album, “T.I. v s T.I.P”. During the course of the interview, the host asked Cliff what he thought about being considered a “Sell Out” by fans due to his endorsements with brands like Chevy. T.I. responded by talking about how he would “sell out” on the streets and such. The host dropped the old “some people say ‘I sell out arenas’” line. Unless you’re the Kidz in the Hall or the like, I don’t see how you can consider a major label artist a sell out. T.I. constantly raps about how much money he has (Ok, not that much, he’s not a ‘bling’ rapper, he’s the HOVA of the South, et cetera) and doesn’t hide it. he can’t be considered a sell out, but maybe someone should look into head case, with his new album’s idea, though it might be good. Rappers getting money is nothing new, hell, 50 Cent is in no damn way gonna have good sales for Curtis, which has been pushed back to September. But he is gonna make hella cash thanks to his stake in (delicious) vitaminwater, after Coke bought its parent company, Glaceau. Is 50 selling out? No, he’s just getting money no one wants to give him anymore. (Obligatory Die Tryin’ joke).

On the flip side is the Ultimate Foe of Our Musical Existence (UFOME), Fall Out Boy. PT WNTZ and the guys from the UFOME have a new video for their single “The Take Over, The Break’s over”. It’s sponsored by HONDA THE OFFICIAL SPONSOR OF THE HONDA CIVIC TOUR FEATURING FALL OUT BOY COBRA STARSHIP THE ACADEMY IS … PAUL WALL AND HOSTED BY DIRTY and has a message in the otherwise pretty bland video. Fans (real ones!) come up to a dog with signs reading “FOB ARE $ellout$” and such shit. The dog, being the moral high ground, asks them to understand that they’ve changed. Where do I begin? UFOME are in no ways indie, they take their moniez and go, writing superfluous song titles all for kids who are too damn lazy to turn off the radio and do some work on the internet. Or hell, go to a record store that doesn’t also specialize in laptops that run Windows Vistas and refrigerators. Calling UFOME sell outs? How non-original.

Selling out is no longer a valid criticism. When all else fails, the band just sucks.


~ by mrflash on June 26, 2007.

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