This coast is home.

It is raining outside.  The East Coast is home to me, right here in the middle. Nowhere to be seen as the South, a label best applied to those who fall prey to antiquated ideas and are afraid of  change. Nor is it the North, a label best applied to those who live with an air of superiority and lack of common sense (and I do not mean the explanation from William James). What this proves is that I am not a child of privilege nor was the spoon in my mouth made of plastic. It is simple flatware, representative of the great majority of the United States. The great majority that does not belong to a political party, has a slice of every faith, and is everything.  It is who I have to be.

I will not travel to Europe in the near future. I would like to, but the means to do so are non-existent and only apply to those with access. I have access to what I can produce. What I can produce is from myself, it is possible to like it or not, that is your decision. I will not be in New York,  New Hampshire, or Amsterdam anytime soon, but I will take what I have.


~ by mrflash on June 4, 2007.

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