T-t-totally dude

Atlanta’s crunk sound, which is ubiquitous in the South, annoys the hell out of me. Leave it to a group from the A to make the sound at least bearable. It’s done by adding guitars  and a catchy-as-hell hook that is nothing more than wrong. I’m talking about the Shop Boyz, of course. They preach the same “I don’t want to talk about my upbringing” story as every other commercial rapper, yet have one helluva crossover attempt. Shop Boyz won’t have much more than their single, “Party like a Rockstar” in their career.  Verses from “Rockstar” are forgettable, with the beat overtaking the vocals on most occasions. Given the state of mainstream rap, it’s all filler anyway. The hook and the guitar are the only noticeable parts of the song, and just lead to questions. Such as: why the hell are ShopBoyz using played out surfer slang for their song? Only the lamest of frat boys would say “T-t-t-totally dude” and who really wants to party like a rock star after what Nickelback did? It’s still a decent little song, but it’s nothing but novelty.


~ by mrflash on May 19, 2007.

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