We’re pulling for all of you

Obvious comparisons to make always seem rooted in recent history. Today I have heard both the Columbine tragedy of 1999 and the events of September 11th mentioned on news, local and national. To say that today’s events are tragic is an understatement. It seems like everyone is speechless, and giving their condolences to everyone involved. Away messages are not just simple notices, they are now a place to post your thoughts and let people know you’re OK. You don’t know what it’s like until it hits you.


I had a test today. So last night I set my alarm for 9 am or so, an hour earlier than usual. I heard the sounds of Q and Not U, and decided to hit snooze. Three separate times, finally waking up to Yo La Tengo. As per usual, I turned on my computer while I looked for today’s clothes. Before I went into the shower, I noticed an away message and then went and checked my campus e-mail. I see one, Shooting in West AJ. Ok, all right. Stay safe. I go take a shower. After coming out of the shower, I was right in front of my room, and I see my friend Tommy. He immediately informs me that I have no class, I thought I still did. So, I check the e-mail. Again. No class, because of a shooter on campus. Shortly thereafter, what we saw on television and got from firsthand accounts helped us frame a picture. We were calling everyone, looking for them. One friend in one hall, another in Squires. All accounted for and such. Then, something happened.

Kevin wasn’t accounted for. This guy is one the best people you’ll ever meet, means so much for our station. We need that guy. Reports come in, and we hear that Kevin is in the hospital. While we would rather him be home, at least he is safe and alive. It looks like he will  make it.

I used to write this at the end of personal messages:



~ by mrflash on April 16, 2007.

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