Maybe a Prince first.

His line speaks for itself: CG, 1 H, 2 BB, 6 K.  A national television game, primed for the opposing pitcher. Daisuke-mania, for all the fans in Boston. The ticket is sold out in Fenway, they want to see the match-up between their (new) guy and the other (old) guy. New guy shined last week, even if it was against a lowly team, but it was a major league team nonetheless. Old guy has the major league record for hits in a season, and prompted the emergence of Japan’s biggest stars to American shores. Yeah, that was gonna be the thing that would bring upon the most excitement.

No, it was Raul Ibanez and JD Drew. Ibanez made all the right catches at the right times to preserve the game. He had something in him, knowing where to go as soon as the bat made contact with the ball. Then came the 8th inning and Drew. Oft-injured, no one quite counted him in. You would think David Ortiz would be the hero-then again, he hasn’t been “heroic” since, eh, 2004. Yet the could not live up to the one who stood out. A no-hitter through 8, which is amazing considering the recent pitching drought-no 20-game winners in 2006, almost 2 years between Randy Johnson’s perfect game and Anibal Sanchez’s no-hitter. The young kid, all of 21 and having to deal with pitching on what could be considered too much rest, did well. They’re calling him the king.

But maybe Felix Hernandez should be a prince first.


~ by mrflash on April 12, 2007.

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