Thoughts on baseball, other stuff.

So, I’ve written one  liveblog about the Price is Right the whole time, but that’s OK. It’ll be a feature, because nothing on this blog is set in concrete. It’s merely a place for me to put random thoughts and feelings up to open discourse. Sports will play a large edge, especially in the fall, when football season kicks off.

Today is the Opening Night of baseball, in St. Louis, with the New York Mets (my, yes, favorite squadron) taking on the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals (dammit). While some say baseball is woefully boring, it provides a great arena for discourse. It is a team sport that is uniquely boiled down to individuals. Something is always coming up, be it the fact that Americans are distinctly anti-cheating, or the pursuit of records, and most recently, the surge of fantasy leagues to the fold. Throughout the season, I’ll be trying to post as many thoughts about the goings on as possible. I’m not the best at this, duh. Every team has a great blog for it (yes, even the Devil Rays). Tonight’s game starts when I’m in my staff meeting (and I don’t start until the fall, full-fledged in the spring). Also, this blog wishes the fucking Yankees weren;t so fucking annoying, like any good individual.


~ by mrflash on April 1, 2007.

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