Come On Down! 3/22/2007

As promised, the Price is Right (TPIR) blog. I’m here on the first contestant’s row and EVERYONE’S OVER!

-the winning bid is by…..1104 by Asad. Normal interaction, nothing crazy. Bob says he struggled to get up here.

-He’s playing for a banjo (a banjo?), a Safe, and some crazy ass dinette set(shout out to High Point NC)

-the game is to see which price is wrong. I think it’s the banjo, because that’s the weirdest damn prize I’ve seen on TPIR, and the crowd agrees.

-He goes with the banjo…He’s right! !!!!! A banjo cost $2461! Wow, banjos are fucking expensive.

-Diabetes commercial count: 1. But not Wilford.

-T-shirt watch: barker University. Pssh.

-A globe for CR. It’s pretty damn big.

-A 999? Fuck you. Then we end with 1. Well, the 999, Christina, with carpal tunnel and a pucker up bob shirt wins.

-mashed potato maker and golf equipment. Huh? What the hell is that?

-A NEW CONVERTIBLE! Nice, a Mustang. Much better.

-Oh, Ten Chances, I think the answer is 50 or 57.

-no, it’s 57. 75? c’mon lady. Ok, 70 for a potato masher

-980 for the clubs, has to be. Christina agrees, we’re wrong.

-920? She guesses that and it’s wrong. 890? She guesses that and it’s wrong.

-820? yes, we’re both right.

-3 chances at the car. 36 250….whoa, it was 26, 350. wow.


Hoveround count: one.  You don’t get these for free, what the fuck is that shit?

-we’re back….Iris Stevens, COD!


-1800 from iris

-100o from jOyce, 1801, and James-1. 1565, Joyce wins!

-What was that a shot of?

-The Bonus Game!, and Joyce is gonna win ’em all, like at home.

-Joyce is gonna faint! And she can win a living room group! How much of NC’s furniture goes to TPIR?

-Andy: Chair’s kinda ugly

-First prize is an ice cream maker. It’s higher, um $35? She goes higher, and YES!

-Batter dispenser? It is lower, she gets it right.

-Shaver $95?, nah lower. That’s an outrage. Oh, it’s higher, too bad.

-Travel Mug? $10? Lower. She says higher, she’s right.

-Does she get the bonus? YES! She got the bonus from the pancake maker. 3 winners in a row, 2 $1 bids.


-Energizer makes hearing aid batteries? Huh.

-Showcase Showdown.

-Joyce is upfirst, and Velma, she made it girl!

-she gets 40, spin again. she does

-oh, 50. She has 90. Good position.

-Asad’s saying high to Jersey, and got 15.

-Shut up Bob, they won’t get 100.

-Ah, Asad has his Banjo to play.

-Christina spins, and gets 80. She’s fucked.

-90 on the second, too bad.

-Rich has to fetch Jesse Nelson? Jesse you’re on TPIR

-Pump up bike of Arkansas?

-Jesse bids 900, 420(ha) from angela, 901, and 902 from the broad, the pot reference wins.

-Angela kisses Bob. She must be high.

-A Flatscreen! Woo! RonCo makes TVs?

-Coming or going?

-I say going as well….

-and……SHE WINS! we’re 4-4 today! Woo!

– Denise Broadus? Ah, no relation to Calvin.

-Secretary desk? And our dog. Awww, his name is Pumpkin, but you can call him Bitchface.

-Snoop denise says 1300, then a 1600, a 1200, and 1301. EVERYONE’s Over.

-Snoop 800, then 700, then 799, then 801. Price? 1,000 or so, Jesse wins!

-Oh, the Money Game that reminds me of Saved By the Bell.

-he says 35, He wins the car! 5-5! Yes, Bob we are hot! We’re hot cause we’re fly!

-Hoveround count: 2, but now a scooter store.

-the Yankees can suck it, sorry idle thought. Go Mets

-Brian O’Keefe, COAD! Does everyone have a generic name?

-Awesome, a kick-ass grill. 1230. And stop smoking aid? What if you don’t smoke?

-Brian with 2535,  2525, 1500, and $1(number 3), a perfect bid!!!! It’s the $1! No, it’s 2535 ! and Snoop Denise looks  pissed.

-See my shirt? “‘ve come for the money in Bob’s pocket” How prophetic

-Bob said over yonder. Doesn’t he live in LA?

-worth 8290!


-Ritz, Capzasin, Clorox, Duncan Hines, StressEez, and Campbell’s.

-Soup…Then. It’s now!

-Crackers…..then! Oh, it was then.

-StressEez-Now !

-Cake mix is then! Then! He agrees! PERFECT SHOW! PERFECT SHOW!

-Showcase Showdown.

-Angela’s up and gets a quarter, one more again, and and a dime. She’ll lose, and deserves to. Homies in Denver.

-15 for Brian, and he gets 20….we might have a spinoff!

-Jesse, beat 35, please. Good spin.


-The Showcase next up.

-Life insurance commercial, for Colonial Penn. TPIR has the most useless shit, and Alex Trebek endorsing is a weird exploration of synergy.

-Jesse’s up first with a luggage set, mattress, and a trip to VIENNA! A little Beethoven in the back. The Baroque city? It’s more classical, and he passes.

-Joyce bids 16000. Maybe. seems a bit over.

-Jeese gets JAM! With a refrigerator! Where’s the guitar? Well, how about a new home copying machine! Woo! and a traffic jam, well, a Chevy SSR! I say 28790. He bids 19000. Better to be under.

-Jesse just missed getting both showcases. Got his at least.

-Nothing but winners including a perfect bid. Nice.


~ by mrflash on March 22, 2007.

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