That didn’t work.

Last week, I tried something, and I didn’t deliver. You know what? That’s pretty damn wack, and as such, Just Bought a Car isn’t going to limit itself to being a narrative of life in Blacksburg. Nah, it’s gonna be a Price is Right blog. I want to liveblofg, but eh, that’s not great. Everyday, I have time to watch TPIR and tell you about it. TPIR is a quintessential part of college life, and needs a spotlight. Have you heard of a Price is Right blog? Of course you haven’t, because who the fuck wants to write about the longest running game show on television? Me, of course. You’ll get the life in Blacksburg-we’re gonna have a Moe’s on College Avenue in August!-but mostly TPIR. To kick off this “soft launch”, I present to you the ambassador of TPIR: Wilford Brimley.



~ by mrflash on March 21, 2007.

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