This is the first post.

It’s a bright day in Blacksburg, god is it bright. The temperature according to widgets on my dashboard is 77, but it feels about 80. As far as it goes, I don’t quite care about the weather. I grew up in Chesapeake, where it’s a nice mild climate all year round. Well, it gets cold.

Right now, I’m half-avoiding a group project, more because I’m really here for moral support. Actually, I thought I was going to do something here,  but looks like I’m just chiming in , as I just said, for comic relief. Which if you know me, is very hit or miss, with an average three points below the Mendoza Line.

With that, welcome to Just Bought A Car, a blog that is 1)Blacksburg in all its glory 2)as a student 3)who lives for the media.

two up two down


~ by mrflash on March 14, 2007.

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